The Push

Searching without sight Attempting to peer beyond the veil Blinded by the light Deafened by the wail Paralyzed at the forks Presented in the road Losing my direction Losing my abode Something rages within Pushing forward even still And so I begin again I submit to the will It pushes me ever on In spite …

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S.S. Perdito

S.S. Perdito Where did you go When the storm sent winds rending too and fro Your glorious vessel tossed here and there Bending, creaking, and thrown by retching air You, her captain, stood statuesque upon the frame Sure footed , eyes a lit in cool blue flame Stalwart and proud, focused on the tirade One …

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Life in Captivity

I know its been a while since I have posted, which is directly related to the following post. I seemed to have locked myself away from the more intellectual and quizzical parts of my mind in an act of self-preservation. I found that contrary to my intuition, blogging about my worries and concerns in the world actually …

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Wake up and smell the Red!

Joe Biden Sees 'No Legal Reason' Why We Can't Tax Violent Video Games I’m not exactly sure why a closed door meeting about gun legislation would be held with Joe Biden and 20 religious representatives, unless we’re finally admitting that people love guns so fervently in the US, it is a kind of religion here …

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Murdering Logic without a Gun!

I was desperately attempting to avoid chiming in on the topic of gun control as I feel that I have nothing new to bring to the table on this subject.  Yet, here I am prepared to draw at high noon on the idiocy behind the arguments used by gun control advocates and lobbyists. I have yet to …

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Came across this wonderful blog post and just had to share the original poster’s knowledge.

Malcolm's Corner

No Traffic Lights

In the U.S. the boundary of space within which we are free to make our own decisions is shrinking year by year. In daily life we face a bewildering array of restrictions on our behavior. The government now dictates what medications we can purchase, the size of our drink cups, what advertisements we can see, whether we can eat fatty foods, what kind of milk we can drink, under what conditions we can or cannot own a gun, how and who we can marry, how we divorce, what jokes we can tell at work, what kind of medical care we receive, what the interest rate on our mortgage is, what kind of education our children receive, and which legal pleasures such as cigarettes and wine, are to be discouraged through higher taxes. Indeed it is difficult to find a meaningful choice that is not monitored by a bureaucracy and covered…

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Never Invited to Parties!

As a young child learning about our current government's legislative workings from a teacher working for and paid by the government, I sat misty eyed at the "pure genious" behind our current bi-partisan or two-party system. It was presented in a perfectly wrapped box with fancy words like compromise and strung with  a politically proper pink bow sitting atop. …

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Still think the Media isn’t controlled?

This information was shared with me via a facebook friend.  It is not my video and full credit is given to Amidst The Noise. This video is presented using plain facts with no agenda for your own conclusions. Please visit the uploaders page using the information below the video.   How do …

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The Paradox that is the GOP

The GOP is being held back by a large group of Moralists that believe the government must establish guidelines, laws, and regulation to create "social order."  Webster defines a moralist as “one concerned with regulating the morals of others.”   This goes directly against the true Federalist mentality that the Republican Party prides itself on. Federalists seek to …

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In Other News

I have created a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account for this blog.  I am listing the links below and they will also be in my Affiliated Sites section to the right. FB: Twitter:         @hunt4thought