A man recites a well thought out address Composed by a musician in the shadows Meant to put their worries to rest Yet this rally is not but shallow The crowd cheers and praises with applause As the speaker puts on a practiced smile Supporters celebrate without cause The man planning treachery all the while …

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Political Accountability

Whether we sit on the left or right of the political spectrum many Americans have been complaining about the state of affairs in our once great nation. Those content with our social and economic are few and are generally only among those wealthy enough to sign their own legislation. We the People need to wake …

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Rumor of Peace

The rumor of peace in humanity is propaganda spat from the mouths of those with bloodied wallets full of hate filled ammunition. These so-called privileged few speak of peace as a fortress that must be conquered in battles won by their high-mounted commanders shouting down orders upon the "People."  

Thoughts on Man with a big M.

Thoughts on Man with a big M What has become of the mightiest of creatures? For eons Man roamed earth conquering land and hearts alike. Crossing great and treacherous seas in search of treasures unknown, He was the slayer of giant beasts not out of sport, but to clothe his kin and nourish his brothers. …

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