Political Accountability

Whether we sit on the left or right of the political spectrum many Americans have been complaining about the state of affairs in our once great nation. Those content with our social and economic are few and are generally only among those wealthy enough to sign their own legislation. We the People need to wake up and realize that our government officials no longer have our best interest at heart. We only need to follow the money trail to see that Congressman no longer serve us. Once in office they only serve themselves. Corporations have usurped our position as constituents. Campaign contributions are now synonymous with bribes. While nothing I am scribing here on this blog post is new information that you haven’t heard before, why do we accept it? Why does the news constantly target the Office of the President about the issues ailing our nation? Why is congress not held accountable? I am not saying that the President should not be held accountable at all; however, it is the Congressman of this nation that are truly responsible for the care taking of our nations policies. Don’t take this article as a detraction from President Obama’s follies or his feats. I am not a support of either candidate in the running as one wants to give what little hard-earned money I make away and the other wants to control Americans’ personal lives and choices. This musing is just over the fact that no one seems to be willing to hold our government accountable for the state of this nation. We produce nothing, we consume everything, and we whine and whine and whine. Yet, we do nothing. This country has become obese and lazy. We need to get out and exercise our power as the People and say “Enough! You will be held accountable. You will start paying attention to your citizens. Not just the ones with wealth and power. All of us.”

2 thoughts on “Political Accountability

  1. CB

    When I returned to this country back ’02, I thought , “Oh, what a wonderful chance I have to progress myself again.” And quickly realization hit; discrimination still exist in every spectrum. It is not important the experience one had received throughout decades, but “who you know.” I am so disgusted to hear people complain about every little thing, but yet, they lack the intuition to protest. They meerly whine about the government. No one accepts the facts that WE, the American people, have allowed the government to act, to employ themselves in manners well beyond their means of integrity, wisdom, finances.
    We have allowed Congress to make choices for us instead of us using our inalienable rights. We have allowed government to dictate our thoughts, our actions, to a point of losing our own esteem in the world. Look beyond our borders, those of us who been in other countries know what the foreigners really think of the US. It’s deplorable, but yet they copy us is so many ways that it is histerical.

    Neither candidates are worthy to be in higher office…too nick picking on each other instead of demonstrating with actions their true intent to manage a country that gone way under its own means.
    Shall i say more?

    1. Well said CB.

      I am glad to hear my fellow citizens airing their thoughts on the sorry state of affairs in our nation. Thanks for your thoughts. I believe that we need to continue these types of discussions to get more people to think. People just dont think anymore and that is the root of the problem. We are not a nation of thinkers, we are a nation of blind following.

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