A man recites a well thought out address
Composed by a musician in the shadows
Meant to put their worries to rest
Yet this rally is not but shallow
The crowd cheers and praises with applause
As the speaker puts on a practiced smile
Supporters celebrate without cause
The man planning treachery all the while
He spits out I will….for you…and for us
Vowing so many glories he will accomplish in their name
The people so quick to trust
Oh what a tragic shame


I am sick and tired of people rallying behind politicians for what they say they are going to do…Great Leaders throughout history that were known for great speeches would not be immortalized in print if they were not men and women of action. It takes nothing to promise but it takes the world to deliver. I constantly watch my peers just rave over this woman’s new speech or what this man “says” he is going to do. For goodness sake, when i apply for a job above the level of retail, I am judged by a resume of what I have done first and foremost. I wish I could get hired on a job by just carefully articulating what I am going to do. What a crock of bull.

What do you feel about this issue? Leave your comments and spark a debate. Lets get people talking!

2 thoughts on “Speeches

  1. CB

    So very true. Unfortunately, a government was established over hundreds of years ago, bujt as Americans, many do not evesn care what happens around them or who in the poloitical positions this country now has.Just simply pathetic, isn’t it. But we as the people for the people should do our and act upon our rights and that is to vote for the ideal person one believes will do a the best job. That is like doing an interview/hiring detail so to speak.

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