First World Problems

Just a small list of things that wouldn’t be around if we didn’t live so “well” in U.S.A., otherwise known as 1st World problems.  Not a judgemental post just a short compilation of things that pop into my head as I ride my bike to the bus that takes me to work. Saves money and lowers traffic, emissions and fuel consumption. Not to mention I’m broke and have no vehicle.
1. Vegetarians. In some environments it may be possible to be a vegetarian in poverty however in a lot of regions this would be practically impossible.
2. Obesity.
3. Complaining about how you don’t know what to cook/order/pick up for dinner.
4. Complaining about too many channels with nothing to watch.
5. Not knowing what to wear today
6. Useless consumption of the worlds resources.
7. Driving for no reason
8. Picky Eaters
9. Heart Attacks (still around but in lesser numbers)
10. Stick thin woman who complain about being fat…Really wouldnt miss that at all.
11 Weight Loss Infomercials
12. Diet Pills
13. People crowding the ER for a cold.

Challenge to readers:

a. Add your 1st world problems below.
b. Walk/ride a bike to the store or work and comment about it.
c. Ride public transportation.

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