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The Paradox that is the GOP

The GOP is being held back by a large group of Moralists that believe the government must establish guidelines, laws, and regulation to create “social order.”  Webster defines a moralist as “one concerned with regulating the morals of others.”   This goes directly against the true Federalist mentality that the Republican Party prides itself on. Federalists seek to limit the federal government’s sway of individual and state issues.  There has been a hotbed of examples in the past decades on the conflict between these two ideals.  Issues such as abortion, marriage laws, and the legalization of marijuana have been key platforms used by many politicians to appeal to their constituents.   What is terribly confusing is that any citizen that truly understands what the Republican Party stands for would realize that federal regulation on these issues is in direct contrast to how they believe the rest of the government should be ran.  Now if you have been alive in the last century, you would argue that the GOP has always been social conservatives while establishing its libertarian ideals in the economic world. This is very true; however, in my opinion, a true Republican with strong moral values would still hold the belief that social issues should be left to state and local governments with little or no regulation from the Federal institution.  Political figures within the GOP such as Ron Paul, aim to bring the Federalist ideology to all parts of the Republican Party not just economics.  I believe with the youth of this nation growing up to be one of the most accepting generations since the hippie movement that the GOP would garner a huge influx of young voters if they would no longer bring their social conservative ideals into the Federal environment.  


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Eastern Affairs

Where Does it End?

The unrest that can be seen to have originated in the Middle East, most notably this year, has evidently been felt in many other far away corners of the globe. The consequences of the various uprisings which took place across the Middle East, which all came to be labelled as the Arab Spring, are still very much being felt today. Radicalised terrorists with strong ties to the Middle East have quite noticeably been causing unrest in many other nations. Although the Arab Spring will go down in history as a series of incidents with no particular group or figurehead to hold entirely responsible, it goes without saying that the rest of the world watched in anticipation, choosing sides and exchanging heated opinions in relation to blame.

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Proud to be an American?

Country artist Lee Greenwood once wrote in his song “God Bless the USA” that he was “Proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free.”  As a teenager watching the attacks on this country on Sept 11 2001 and a Marine who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom those lines struck a chord with me. Now as I age and pay more attention to the atmosphere in this country I have begun to question those lines. Sure we have more freedom than much of this world, but to what end? What are we free to do as Americans that we deserve to be proud of? At least we know we are free, right? We are slaves to a dying economy, ran by a militaristic industrialist mentality, educated by public education system meant to indoctrinate us into consumerism, and informed by a news media conglomerate in shackles to its ratings.  This nation has began to disgust me and earn my distrust. Not just the government and its corrupt politicians but my fellow citizens. Which brings me to a true of example of American behavior.  In 2010, a young US Army Staff Sergeant was the first living soldier to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam for repeatedly exposing himself to enemy fire to save his fellow Americans in Afghanistan in 2007. Now you would think this would have been running on the news constantly. Regardless of  how you feel about a war and its politics, one would have to agree that this important information to our nation. Yet while Staff Sergeant Giunta’s ceremony in which he received his Medal of Honor ran once in a ten minute block and the rest of the day was filled with Anna Nicole Smith’s death and the details of her life and the investigation.  now what this told me is that America cares more for some soft core porn star than one of its true heroes. This is just one example of the disgusting traits I see everyday in my fellow Americans. So why the hell should I be proud of that? We should I be proud that my fellow citizens choose to waste their freedom on watching Jersey Shore and forgetting its’ heroes. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking. The Staff Sergeant was an American, he was a Hero, and he is someone to be proud of. You would be right. The SSG is someone to be proud of, but there is so much in this nation to not be proud of. We wonder why there are so many people, cultures, and entire nations that can not stand Americans. Notice I said Americans and not America. Why should anyone like us?  What in our combined behavior is there to like? We walk around with our chests puffed out like we are the biggest, baddest, and best people there are on this earth. The only thing most Americans have accomplished is being lucky enough to be born in a nation where ignorance and mediocrity are rewarded and expected. Lucky to be born in a world where the poor live better than the rich in some nations.  We claim to be the greatest nation in the world when really we are just the nation with the largest gun.   How can you be proud to be lucky?  I wish I could be like some of these blind patriots who love America and its people no matter what is going on in the world but I just can’t blindly spout out bullshit pride in a people whose greatest talent is eating french fries and watching reality stars lives implode.  I just hope that the citizens of this nation turn around and prove me wrong.  I will never regret my military service, and would serve again and I know there are heroes out there willing to die for freedom. I just hope that the “freedom” does not continue to be wasted.

The President Wins

Good Evening Fellow Americans,

Regardless of your political leanings and who you voted for, please, let’s all work as a country to get behind President
Obama in repairing this country. I could care less who everyone voted for, how happy/angry you are with the results.
In any situation that every comes up in life, someone must take the lead. I for one would like to move in “a” direction
rather than stagnate in the current climate this country has been in for the last decade or so. Hopefully congress can
realize that the great divide between left and right can be bridged and this country can return to greatness. President Obama
may have won himself another four years, but if he does not get some support from his citizens and the US Congressional system
then he will not be able to accomplish anything. I am a utilitarian libertarian believing in social change and equality, and
for this I am gracious to have President Obama in office for four more years. On the other hand, however, I believe in a smaller
federal government with less federal regulation and intervention. So in this area, I would rather have a GOP candidate (not Romney)
in office. I will never agree with everything that any political figure in our bi-partisan system will stand for and do.
I will, however, support them in the things I do believe in. Whether you are a democrat, libertarian, or republican, you are
an American first, and President of Obama is the President of the United States of America. He is not the President of the
Democratic Party or the left. He is the President of America. So constituents, make your voice heard to your representatives at
every level. Let them know you want progress. Let them know that we as America wish to be the greatest nation on this earth again
and we know we cannot get there fighting amongst ourselves. We do not need to sacrifice our ideals in order to get this task accomplished.
We simply need to work together.

Your Countryman,


We are haunted by an onslaught of twisted visions
Of a lack of transformation in this world we live in
Knowing where society must make its incisions
To rid ourselves of this chronic condition
Acceptance of this plague is a constant hindrance
Keeping us from a future full of true acceptance
Banging on our souls with a screaming resonance
And yet we hold on to this viral penance
Lets shed this coat of oil and grime
Clear the streets of prejudice, hate and crime
Wash clean the vanity, pride and violent slime
Stand up with your kin for it is time
Time for us to join with our brethren hand in hand
To rid our lives of the modern-day oppressors and their clan
Stop the repression of all people by the man
And shout to the heavens, This our Land

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