The President Wins

Good Evening Fellow Americans,

Regardless of your political leanings and who you voted for, please, let’s all work as a country to get behind President
Obama in repairing this country. I could care less who everyone voted for, how happy/angry you are with the results.
In any situation that every comes up in life, someone must take the lead. I for one would like to move in “a” direction
rather than stagnate in the current climate this country has been in for the last decade or so. Hopefully congress can
realize that the great divide between left and right can be bridged and this country can return to greatness. President Obama
may have won himself another four years, but if he does not get some support from his citizens and the US Congressional system
then he will not be able to accomplish anything. I am a utilitarian libertarian believing in social change and equality, and
for this I am gracious to have President Obama in office for four more years. On the other hand, however, I believe in a smaller
federal government with less federal regulation and intervention. So in this area, I would rather have a GOP candidate (not Romney)
in office. I will never agree with everything that any political figure in our bi-partisan system will stand for and do.
I will, however, support them in the things I do believe in. Whether you are a democrat, libertarian, or republican, you are
an American first, and President of Obama is the President of the United States of America. He is not the President of the
Democratic Party or the left. He is the President of America. So constituents, make your voice heard to your representatives at
every level. Let them know you want progress. Let them know that we as America wish to be the greatest nation on this earth again
and we know we cannot get there fighting amongst ourselves. We do not need to sacrifice our ideals in order to get this task accomplished.
We simply need to work together.

Your Countryman,

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