Never Invited to Parties!

As a young child learning about our current government’s legislative workings from a teacher working for and paid by the government, I sat misty eyed at the “pure genious” behind our current bi-partisan or two-party system. It was presented in a perfectly wrapped box with fancy words like compromise and strung with  a politically proper pink bow sitting atop. I was unaware at the time that once I unwrapped this exquisitely packaged gift that I would find inside a rediculously disenchanting truth.  The truth that I wasn’t invited to the Parties!!!

As a relatively intelligent adult with an open mind and heart, I have found that I am not invited to have a voice in the legislation of our nation. The problem, that I have recently come across in my adult years, is that I am never aligned with either congressional/presidential candidate due to the fact that each party is so far removed from the other. Sure I want the Federal Government to be minimalized, but I’m also pro-choice. Yes I am an advocate for gay rights, but I am also a huge supporter of the NRA and against gun-control legislation.  It seems that if I were to ever crash a Party, I would be thrown in a headlock and tossed at the back into the garbage by security as soon as I open my mouth to converse with the party-goers.

Now I realize that there are other political parties in our country and the Libertarian Party especially seems to push the same ideals and values about governement that I would like to see implemented. The real issue is that our Plurality_voting_system doesn’t really allow any party out side of our two-party system to be included in the festivities. It is very easy to get disenchanted with the legislative system, especially when no matter who wins they will inevitably put some bill into law that completely goes against my values and ideals.

Do I vote for the “third party” candidate and be satisfied with whoever wins from the major players club?

Do I vote for the Republican candidate and tell my gay friends, that although I believe it isn’t the right of the government to tell them what consitutes marriage that I had to have my gun rights?

Or do I vote for Democrat so every man and woman has equal rights but allow the federal government to grow larger and have more control over state and individual rights?

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