Wake up and smell the Red!

Joe Biden Sees ‘No Legal Reason’ Why We Can’t Tax Violent Video Games

I’m not exactly sure why a closed door meeting about gun legislation would be held with Joe Biden and 20 religious representatives, unless we’re finally admitting that people love guns so fervently in the US, it is a kind of religion here in and of itself.

It should be no surprise that these representatives wanted to blame video games as a significant contributing factor to many of these gun-related killing sprees as of late. Franklin Graham, son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham, suggested that violent games should be taxed extra.


You can read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2013/05/14/joe-biden-sees-no-legal-reason-why-we-cant-tax-violent-video-games/


Add this to a list of socialist controls the current Executive branch would like to enforce. IRS targeting specific political groups, DOJ wiretapping reporters, and Benghazi. How many different events like this need to happen before the Amer…ican populaces wakes the fuck up? If you are a Libertarian, or true Republican, then you have been called an alarmist, or Right Wing Extremist for suggesting that such events like this would occur. If you are on the Left, you have simply waved away such predictions, writing them off as some Redneck Gun-Toting nut jub’s drunken rant. Can you smell the communism yet? Has the stench of government oppression finally wafted to your noses? If you don’t think any of these incidents are cause for alarm just remember that when the Government is given power it never gives it back. We have seen examples of this with the RICO statures, the Patriot Act, and the National Defense Act. Now you should note that these are all official, backed by the Government legislation. If this amount of control and corruption is legal and the government has told you about it, imagine what they don’t tell you.

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