S.S. Perdito

S.S. Perdito

Where did you go
When the storm sent winds rending too and fro
Your glorious vessel tossed here and there
Bending, creaking, and thrown by retching air

You, her captain, stood statuesque upon the frame
Sure footed , eyes a lit in cool blue flame
Stalwart and proud, focused on the tirade
One hand held loosely upon the balustrade

The riled rapids of the incensed sea
Licked at your boots and bathed your knee
Ahead the light shone upon the horizon
Like the watchmen you gazed forever on

Your scarred ship slowly fell to the torments call
Piece by piece, wall by wall
Yet you stood affixed upon your compass square
For no fear no doubt could move you from there

O, Captain of captains, where do you intend to sprawl
On the cellar floor where the vermin crawl
Or amidst your brethren, long since past
With faces scarred and fractures cast

How glorious were you they did Rejoice
Yet not your Father in his silent voice
His sword sheathed and laid upon the dais
With no tailored words left to for him to sayeth

Wearily he inspects the great expanse
Hoping, and clinging to golden recompense
A gambler’s fancy for your next advent
Held sealed in his heart with no relent

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