About Me

Who is HuntForThought?

Everyone seems to have their own identity, but how many can explain to the masses who they really are. We spend so much time trying to get to know others throughout life that we rarely get time to know ourselves.

Here are some things I have discovered about myself. I am an imperfect, idealistic young man of 27 with a pessimistic view of humanity and the sad state of affairs in the world. I have brought two children in to this world, whom I adore and spend every weekend with,  jealous of the way they look at the world as a shiny new place with all sorts of discoveries and adventures to be had. I served 5 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and although I do not regret my service to this nation that does not mean I blindly believe in every war we have fought. I enjoy solitude but loathe loneliness. Most importantly I am cursed by thoughts, rants and rages that brew in my brain like a tempest. My solution to this malady? A Blog.