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Who is Zach Hunt? Everyone seems to have their own identity, but how many can explain to the masses who they really are. We spend so much time trying to get to know others throughout life that we rarely get time to ourselves. Here are some things I have discovered of myself. I am an imperfect, idealistic young man of 26 with pessimistic view of humanity and the sad state of affairs in the world. I have brought two children in to this world, whom I adore, and spend every weekend with them jealous of the way they look at the world as a shiny new place with all sorts of discovery and adventures to be had. I served 5 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and although I do not regret my service that does not mean I blindly believe in every war we have fought. I enjoy solitude but loathe loneliness. Most importantly I am cursed by thoughts, rants and rages that brew in my brain like a tempest. My solution? A Blog.

Life in Captivity

I know its been a while since I have posted, which is directly related to the following post. I seemed to have locked myself away from the more intellectual and quizzical parts of my mind in an act of self-preservation. I found that contrary to my intuition, blogging about my worries and concerns in the world actually made me feel even more insignificant.  It made me realize that many of my inner circle were cut from the same wool as the sheep I was criticizing. I retracted from blogging in a childish effort to ignore the fact that no one cared. No one cared about America crumbling, humanity falling, or my opinions of the former.  I poured myself into work, billiards, and alcohol in order to blend in with masses, but I could not contain my howl. I am back again to call out to all the other wolves out there searching for their pack.  So here it goes, my first howling in a while.

Although many physicians believe that the mental illness known as depression is widely over diagnosed, it is easy to ascertain that there seems to be a decrease of the overall happiness in the world.  Our overall mood as a species could be best described as melancholy or despondent.  I will admit that I am no psychologist nor do I have any intention of using actual data to substantiate the following conclusion. I am simply an observer of the world and what I conclude seems all too fitting.  It seems to me that we,as a species, are so far removed from our natural behavior and environment that we have literally forgot how to be human.  We have caged ourselves in and now rot away in self enforced captivity.

We now live in an alien and artificial environment ignoring our instincts to hunt, to run, and to function in a pack.  We have ignored the pull to the wild, made homes out of our cages, and have become bored with a world that is filled with excitement. This type of despondency is not unique to humans.  It won’t take long for someone searching the web to find hundreds of articles about the negative impact of captivity on the mental health of animals from pets to animals at your city zoo.  Most animals, when housed in small barren recreations of their environments, will sleep and lie around more, lash out, or behave in various ways unique to captivity.  The only difference between our zoo friends and us is that we choose our cages. We willingly lock ourselves in to tiny apartments, in a cramped city, working a job we have no desire doing for just enough money to pay for our enclosures.  The worst part is that we have been caging ourselves in for so long, that most people believe it to be our natural environment.

I will not allow myself to be caged any longer; however, just like releasing an animal into the wild of years of captivity, I must start slow. I will begin this fall by backpacking the Shenandoah in my home state of Virginia, I will hunt and use the meat to feed my family, and I will continue howling in hope that I find my pack.


Wake up and smell the Red!

Joe Biden Sees ‘No Legal Reason’ Why We Can’t Tax Violent Video Games

I’m not exactly sure why a closed door meeting about gun legislation would be held with Joe Biden and 20 religious representatives, unless we’re finally admitting that people love guns so fervently in the US, it is a kind of religion here in and of itself.

It should be no surprise that these representatives wanted to blame video games as a significant contributing factor to many of these gun-related killing sprees as of late. Franklin Graham, son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham, suggested that violent games should be taxed extra.


You can read the full article here:


Add this to a list of socialist controls the current Executive branch would like to enforce. IRS targeting specific political groups, DOJ wiretapping reporters, and Benghazi. How many different events like this need to happen before the Amer…ican populaces wakes the fuck up? If you are a Libertarian, or true Republican, then you have been called an alarmist, or Right Wing Extremist for suggesting that such events like this would occur. If you are on the Left, you have simply waved away such predictions, writing them off as some Redneck Gun-Toting nut jub’s drunken rant. Can you smell the communism yet? Has the stench of government oppression finally wafted to your noses? If you don’t think any of these incidents are cause for alarm just remember that when the Government is given power it never gives it back. We have seen examples of this with the RICO statures, the Patriot Act, and the National Defense Act. Now you should note that these are all official, backed by the Government legislation. If this amount of control and corruption is legal and the government has told you about it, imagine what they don’t tell you.

Murdering Logic without a Gun!

I was desperately attempting to avoid chiming in on the topic of gun control as I feel that I have nothing new to bring to the table on this subject.  Yet, here I am prepared to draw at high noon on the idiocy behind the arguments used by gun control advocates and lobbyists. I have yet to see one talking point, driving truth, or logical argument used by anti-gun politicians and the citizens that back them and find much of their reasoning to be so asinine and unfounded that it insults my forward thinking brain.  In the following rant I am going to dissect some of the more prominent anti-gun arguments and leave it to the public to decide who is left standing in this shootout. Of Course, according to those against gun rights, I do have the advantage due to the fact that I am unable to refrain from using my firearms when frustrated.

A popular talking point among the anti-gun crowd is this notion that we need to ban “assault” weapons from any and all civilian ownership.  I can understand how one with a limited knowledge on firearms would have a lack of understanding on how little weight there is in this argument.  My first problem with this argument is rooted in the fact that most of the weapons identified as assault weapons by advocates such as Senator Feinstein are no different from common hunting rifles in function and yet only bear a different cosmetic appearance.  Lets take a look at a few examples:


Stag  Arms AR-15

Caliber 5.56
Sights: Rear Sight aperture and Front Sight Post (Scope is attachable)
Fire Rate: Semi-Auto (One Shot per trigger pull)
Available to civilians


Savage Arms .22 Semi-Automatic Long Rifle
Caliber: .22 (similar to 5.56 NATO see .223 Remington for differences)
Fire Rate: Semi-Auto (One Shot per trigger pull)
Available to civilians: yes

Now if you are an avid gun enthusiast you will not need to be educated on the minor differences between the caliber of the rounds, but for full understanding I recommend visiting the link listed above. That considered, the only real difference behind these two weapons is their cosmetic appearance. So what makes the first weapon an assault weapon? The simple answer is it looks tactical or in other words similar to weapons used in combat; however, the weapons used by myself and others in the military are gravely different from the AR-15 above. This is because the M16-A4 and M4 serviced in the US Military are generally fielded with a burst selector switch. This switch allows you to place the weapon either on safe, semi-automatic, or three round burst. The three round burst allows you to fire three rounds in rapid succession with one trigger pull. Also in rare cases these items are fielded with a full-auto option, but this is rarely utilized as it serves little to no purpose. Full Automatic is limited to suppression and utilized by machine gunners.


Colt M4

Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Fire Rate: Semi-Auto, Burst, Full Auto
Only available to Law Enforcement/Military

So when looking at pure facts based of the actual specifications it is easy to see that “assault weapons” are already banned in the US and that gun control advocates actually want to ban scary looking weapons that are painted black. How is this viewpoint even respected?

Moving On!

I will not waste much time on the magazine capacity argument as any one who has shot a weapon regularly knows that a standard reload of a magazine takes so little time that it makes hardly any difference in a shooting situation. I will use this video of a fellow Devil Dog firing a magazine with only TWO rounds in it then speed reloading. I will let this warrior make the argument for me.

Point Made! Next Argument

Now this last argument utilized by anti-gun advocates gets under my skin more than all others. Gun Control lobbyists and advocates claim that more guns means more violence. The audacity of these people makes me curious as to what statistics or logic for that matter lead them to this conclusion. There is absolutely no evidence provided to shows a positive correlation between in an increase legal gun ownership and an increase in violence and violent crime.  Don’t take my word for it. Visit either the FBI’s website that posts crime statistic and form your own conclusion or here’s a reposting of a great video posted by Amidst The Noise.

I mean lets face just because I give a hundred people hammers and nails that doesn’t mean I now have a hundred carpenters.  The tool does not define the wielder, the wielder defines the tool.

Whether you are pro or anti gun, please chime in with your thoughts, comments, and concerns.

Came across this wonderful blog post and just had to share the original poster’s knowledge.

Malcolm's Corner

No Traffic Lights

In the U.S. the boundary of space within which we are free to make our own decisions is shrinking year by year. In daily life we face a bewildering array of restrictions on our behavior. The government now dictates what medications we can purchase, the size of our drink cups, what advertisements we can see, whether we can eat fatty foods, what kind of milk we can drink, under what conditions we can or cannot own a gun, how and who we can marry, how we divorce, what jokes we can tell at work, what kind of medical care we receive, what the interest rate on our mortgage is, what kind of education our children receive, and which legal pleasures such as cigarettes and wine, are to be discouraged through higher taxes. Indeed it is difficult to find a meaningful choice that is not monitored by a bureaucracy and covered…

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Never Invited to Parties!

As a young child learning about our current government’s legislative workings from a teacher working for and paid by the government, I sat misty eyed at the “pure genious” behind our current bi-partisan or two-party system. It was presented in a perfectly wrapped box with fancy words like compromise and strung with  a politically proper pink bow sitting atop. I was unaware at the time that once I unwrapped this exquisitely packaged gift that I would find inside a rediculously disenchanting truth.  The truth that I wasn’t invited to the Parties!!!

As a relatively intelligent adult with an open mind and heart, I have found that I am not invited to have a voice in the legislation of our nation. The problem, that I have recently come across in my adult years, is that I am never aligned with either congressional/presidential candidate due to the fact that each party is so far removed from the other. Sure I want the Federal Government to be minimalized, but I’m also pro-choice. Yes I am an advocate for gay rights, but I am also a huge supporter of the NRA and against gun-control legislation.  It seems that if I were to ever crash a Party, I would be thrown in a headlock and tossed at the back into the garbage by security as soon as I open my mouth to converse with the party-goers.

Now I realize that there are other political parties in our country and the Libertarian Party especially seems to push the same ideals and values about governement that I would like to see implemented. The real issue is that our Plurality_voting_system doesn’t really allow any party out side of our two-party system to be included in the festivities. It is very easy to get disenchanted with the legislative system, especially when no matter who wins they will inevitably put some bill into law that completely goes against my values and ideals.

Do I vote for the “third party” candidate and be satisfied with whoever wins from the major players club?

Do I vote for the Republican candidate and tell my gay friends, that although I believe it isn’t the right of the government to tell them what consitutes marriage that I had to have my gun rights?

Or do I vote for Democrat so every man and woman has equal rights but allow the federal government to grow larger and have more control over state and individual rights?

Still think the Media isn’t controlled?

This information was shared with me via a facebook friend.  It is not my video and full credit is given to Amidst The Noise. This video is presented using plain facts with no agenda for your own conclusions. Please visit the uploaders page using the information below the video.


How do you feel about this revealed information? Are you shocked, surprised etc..?

The Paradox that is the GOP

The GOP is being held back by a large group of Moralists that believe the government must establish guidelines, laws, and regulation to create “social order.”  Webster defines a moralist as “one concerned with regulating the morals of others.”   This goes directly against the true Federalist mentality that the Republican Party prides itself on. Federalists seek to limit the federal government’s sway of individual and state issues.  There has been a hotbed of examples in the past decades on the conflict between these two ideals.  Issues such as abortion, marriage laws, and the legalization of marijuana have been key platforms used by many politicians to appeal to their constituents.   What is terribly confusing is that any citizen that truly understands what the Republican Party stands for would realize that federal regulation on these issues is in direct contrast to how they believe the rest of the government should be ran.  Now if you have been alive in the last century, you would argue that the GOP has always been social conservatives while establishing its libertarian ideals in the economic world. This is very true; however, in my opinion, a true Republican with strong moral values would still hold the belief that social issues should be left to state and local governments with little or no regulation from the Federal institution.  Political figures within the GOP such as Ron Paul, aim to bring the Federalist ideology to all parts of the Republican Party not just economics.  I believe with the youth of this nation growing up to be one of the most accepting generations since the hippie movement that the GOP would garner a huge influx of young voters if they would no longer bring their social conservative ideals into the Federal environment.  

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