Still think the Media isn’t controlled?

This information was shared with me via a facebook friend.  It is not my video and full credit is given to Amidst The Noise. This video is presented using plain facts with no agenda for your own conclusions. Please visit the uploaders page using the information below the video.   How do …

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The Paradox that is the GOP

The GOP is being held back by a large group of Moralists that believe the government must establish guidelines, laws, and regulation to create "social order."  Webster defines a moralist as “one concerned with regulating the morals of others.”   This goes directly against the true Federalist mentality that the Republican Party prides itself on. Federalists seek to …

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In Other News

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Eastern Affairs

Where Does it End?

The unrest that can be seen to have originated in the Middle East, most notably this year, has evidently been felt in many other far away corners of the globe. The consequences of the various uprisings which took place across the Middle East, which all came to be labelled as the Arab Spring, are still very much being felt today. Radicalised terrorists with strong ties to the Middle East have quite noticeably been causing unrest in many other nations. Although the Arab Spring will go down in history as a series of incidents with no particular group or figurehead to hold entirely responsible, it goes without saying that the rest of the world watched in anticipation, choosing sides and exchanging heated opinions in relation to blame.

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Proud to be an American?

Country artist Lee Greenwood once wrote in his song "God Bless the USA" that he was "Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free."  As a teenager watching the attacks on this country on Sept 11 2001 and a Marine who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom those lines struck a chord …

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The President Wins

Good Evening Fellow Americans, Regardless of your political leanings and who you voted for, please, let's all work as a country to get behind President Obama in repairing this country. I could care less who everyone voted for, how happy/angry you are with the results. In any situation that every comes up in life, someone must …

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We are haunted by an onslaught of twisted visions Of a lack of transformation in this world we live in Knowing where society must make its incisions To rid ourselves of this chronic condition Acceptance of this plague is a constant hindrance Keeping us from a future full of true acceptance Banging on our souls …

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