Murdering Logic without a Gun!

I was desperately attempting to avoid chiming in on the topic of gun control as I feel that I have nothing new to bring to the table on this subject.  Yet, here I am prepared to draw at high noon on the idiocy behind the arguments used by gun control advocates and lobbyists. I have yet to …

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Proud to be an American?

Country artist Lee Greenwood once wrote in his song "God Bless the USA" that he was "Proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free."  As a teenager watching the attacks on this country on Sept 11 2001 and a Marine who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom those lines struck a chord …

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Rumor of Peace

The rumor of peace in humanity is propaganda spat from the mouths of those with bloodied wallets full of hate filled ammunition. These so-called privileged few speak of peace as a fortress that must be conquered in battles won by their high-mounted commanders shouting down orders upon the "People."