The Land Loper


This path upon which I walk is riddled with upturned roots and the nefarious vines of uncertainty.
The shadows pull at my tattered jeans scheming to plant me in place,
Threatening to immerse me in the infinite spiraling darkness of self-doubt.
I see no light at the end of this tunnel of charred trees and rotting leaves.
There seems to be no finish line or resolution to be reached at the end of my land loping.
And yet I must not fall prey to stagnation.
For although I may not see what lies ahead,
I am certain that remaining rooted here has no other outcome than decay.
So I carry on in whatever direction I may wander.
I do not hesitate to slash at the brush,
Cutting a route before me.
I must resolve to move ever forward,
Never turning about to crawl back to familiar territory.
For only if I continue blazing a trail through this dark forest
Will I ever find the clearing in this formidable maze of life.

Letter to a Lover


Dear Lover,

As soon as your lips came into union with mine, an eruption of entrancing energy flowed from my core, radiating outward to the ends of my fingers and toes and then violently imploding back upon my center. Each of our lips lightly laced and folded over the others’ seamlessly almost as if it was a choreographer’s moving finale at the end of their final masterpiece. As your silk hands softly slid over my chest, my heart pounded as if it wished to meet them. Our breaths became one and the room seemed to respire in rhythm. As my tongue traveled along your body, my senses were overwhelmed by your honeyed taste. Your body moved as a gentle sea ebbing and flowing while lapping the sands on a cool summer coast. I reveled in your ecstasy and all thoughts escaped me. As we became truly one I felt the fusion of our souls and the collision was beautiful in its violence. The sudden impact expelled me from my body sending me soaring into the air surrounding us. I floated in this euphoric atmosphere admiring the way our bodies were in perfect union as I gently fell back onto myself. Our bodies were intertwined in a magnificent molding of magical rapture. The onslaught of elation became too much and was thrown into the thralls of heavenly bliss. I collapsed even closer into you and for what seemed like days, we held each other, our breaths slowing in unison. The warm wind whistling gently upon each others’ napes. Our glistening skin glowed even in darkness and our hearts played their meditative beats in a delightful duet. Although we were pulled back into the world, I can still hear the music of our hearts and will never forget watching us dance.


Your Dance Partner

The Starting Line
I pace the day with a cautious resolve
Thoughts twirling in careful waltz
With new love fresh on my lips
Excited and scared at the start of it
This Feeling brings a wondrous vigor to my step
Yet fearful of mistakes I may have to correct
Ready to race down this unpaved trail
And still afraid to hand over my heart so frail
Burning with passion anew my soul ablaze
Also anxious about the coming days
O’ what a torrent of feelings all in a whirl
And all this from just meeting a girl

A Starry Affair

O’ Night how I love thee
The Woes of Day seem so distant
As you wrap your enveloping arms around me
My worries lose their relevance

The Ugliness of “progress”
That is so illuminated by light
Is Shrouded in brilliant darkness
Hidden in the plainest sight

As I walk inside your pitch womb
I fret not about my fate
The world a mausoleum, a glorius tomb
So comforting in these hours of late

Yet soon the Sun will scare you away
Bringing fire and rage as it ascends
I fear the longness of the day
As my romance with you slowly ends

Like a faithful companion you return again
Once again bringing me in your care
Bringing the reign of Day to end
O’ how I love our starry affair.

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